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Probiotics February 2011 Newsletter!

Can you believe it is February 2011 ALREADY??? Well, what an unprecedented couple of months it has been over the Christmas period. Everywhere we look there has been some type of natural disaster with the floods from Queensland right through to Victoria followed by one of the worst cyclones the country has ever seen. Our hearts go out to all those who have been effected by these strikes of nature and we wish you a speedy recovery. I must say (and you have heard it all before) but it is a credit to the communities throughout Australia for sticking together and lending a hand to those in need. I saw it 1st hand in Brisbane and it turned a lot of negatives into a small positive.


Congratulations to all those who contributed to another successful International Dairy Week and a special congratulations to all the successful Performance exhibitors. A highlight for Performance this year was to contribute a pallet of our True Blue Calf Milk Replacer to be auctioned in the Charity Auction for the Flood Appeal which was purchased by Fiona Hanks for $2000 (a great savings off the RRP of $3465 but all for a good cause).


Anyhow, there is plenty of light reading for you in this edition of our newsletter so enjoy and all the best for 2011.

Yours in 'Building Healthy Cows'




Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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Real Farmers. Real Results

Mc Intosh Farming Partnership

Location: Woodside Park, Berry NSW
Cow Number: 150
Breed: Registered Holsteins
Rolling Heard Av:
8577L 3.7 320F 3.1 271P
Pasture based grazing : Ryegrass and Clover in winter . Kikuyu and clover in summer with some Lucerne.
Three grain mixes to supplement the pastures : Dairy ration , Springer ration and Calf ration. All rations based on grain , dried distillers grain ,macro minerals and performance products for micro minerals

What Performance products are you using and how are you using these products in your system?

Healthy Herd – Dairy ration
Healthy Calf Plus – Calf ration
Fireup – Springer ration
Microbial Paste – Initial calf treatment/strategic sickness and stress conditions/rumen disorders/show cattle stress and feed changes.

Why did you choose Performance in the 1st Place?

First experience was with show cattle then further information via dairy magazines.

What are the things you like most about Performance now that you have been using our product/s for a little while? What does it help you achieve?

We have been using Performance for over 10 years now in a range of circumstances, feed variations and animal health issues. We could not afford to be without it now we know what the various performance products can do for us with feed conversion and consistent herd health across the ages.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of investing in Performance - but wasn’t sure?

It’s natural. It is logical that it works the way it does. Our experience tells me to keep on using the comprehensive range of products to suit all our feed and herd health requirements.

Has it saved you time/ money/ effort? How?

Most definitely! The principle I like the most with Performance Products is that it is preventative strategy rather than reactive.
The range of products give us choice to suit our budgets and it is readily available through local suppliers and VETs.

How easy is Performance to use in your system?

Pellets , powdered or paste make for safe and user friendly handling. The packaging of the products in their various forms is a real strong point for convenience and accuracy.

What is the ‘major benefit’ you see in using Performance?

Improved feed conversion in all seasons and feed variations.
Transition from pre - calving to full production.
Stress management in environment and feed extremes.




Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit www.performanceprobiotics.com/News.asp at any time.


MG steps up – Murray Goulburn has stepped-up its farmgate milk price and maintained its full-year price forecast. Murray Goulburn advised an increase of 35c/kg protein and 14c/kg butterfat for milk supplied during the 2010-11 season.  He said that it increased the available weighted average farmgate price to about $5.25 per kilogram of milk solids, which is the claimed weighted average of the expected prices available to suppliers if all incentives were taken across the three MG payment schemes.  Mr O’Rourke also advised that the co-operatives forecast  final milk price for this season had been maintained at a range of $5.30 to $5.50 per kilogram of milk solids.

Further price cuts affect dairy cabinet – Continuing with its “Down Down” campaign, Coles has cut prices on Coles Brand butter and cream. Coles Brand butter will fall by as much as 41% to $1.39 for a 250g pack while Coles Brand cream prices have been cut by up to 30%.

Update on share trading plans – Fonterra held around 50 meetings in New Zealand to update shareholders on the implementation of Trading Among Farmers as part of its capital structure reforms.  Shareholders voted overwhelmingly in June 2010 in favour of changes to the co-op's constitution to allow farmers to buy and sell Fonterra shares from one another through a market, rather than via the co-op. The Trading Among Farmers scheme is dependent on the government determining what changes are required to the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA) to provide for it and at least 50% support from the Shareholders' Council.

Auction result sees firming market – Anhydrous milk fat (AMF) made the biggest gains at the Fonterra globalDairyTrade online auction this week as the weighted average prices improved more than 7%. The average price, of AMF was up 9.2% to US$6,486/tonne, while skimmed milk powder (SMP) was up 8.5% to $3 913/t and whole milk powder (WMP) averaged $3 995/t - a 5.7% increase on the previous auction held in the middle of January.

Feed wheat snapped up by export market - International traders snapped up to 2 million tonnes of feed wheat from Australian farmers on expectations that demand from animal feed makers will surge with rising global prices and shrinking supplies. Supplies of feed wheat from Australia could offset to some extent tight stocks of corn, and give relief to importers in Asia, Middle East and Europe, suffering from rising food inflation.

(Source - Fresh Logic)





In the first week of 2011 a group of 40 young kids attended the Youth Camp to improve their cattle ship skills, it was a great week witnessing the kids grow in their confidence and ability to achieve.

The Camp was sponsored by many Dairy based companies including Performance Probiotics who sponsored the Leaders of the camp.

Thank you to all the sponsors for your ongoing support and also the help of the National Centre of Dairy Education, without you all this event would not happen ,also a thank you especially to Sue Bird and Kylie Abraham. A thank you also goes out to Pam and Kellie Malcolm and the Akers Family of Northern Vic for kindly donating the heifers needed for the camp.

The Camp is based on the basic principles of caring for an animal in close range.

Every student gets their own heifer which is slightly halter broken and they have to teach her to lead, clip her and feed her.
We also had many guest speakers at this year’s camp including: Daryl Brown, Laura Tweedle (Alltech), Tracey Marsden (Phizer), Michelle Axford (ADHIS), Richard Anderson (Holstein Australia), Cameron Baldwin (Alta), Carol Miller (NHIA), Charlie the Clipperman, and Matt Templeton. A big thank you also goes out to the leaders:
Tim Weller(CRV Australia), Alex Walker& Leigh Simanton-CAN (Semex), Jason Chesworth(Performance Probiotics), Dan Brown, Tom Pearce, David Weel, Ben Warnett(ABS Australia), Heather Campbell(Genetics Australia) and Emma Scott.

On the Wednesday of the camp we travelled out to the western districts to see 2 outstanding farms, the first was a very awe inspiring farm that milk 1200 cows owned by Gary and Judy McNamara, the 2nd was a robotic Milking dairy based on pasture owned by Terry and Danila Kavenagh, thank you to both families for your great hospitality and also to David Patterson for his time guiding us through McNamara’s dairy.

Genetics Australia offered a $2000 scholarship to the overall Winner of the Camp, this year that award was renamed the Sheri Martin Memorial Scholarship after her many years of hard work towards the Youth Camp

A huge congratulations to Erin Taylor from the Western Districts for winning this year’s Camp!





Due to popular demand we have extended our calf special for February!!


Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Gippsland & Northern Victoria

What a start to 2011! Our thoughts go out to everyone in Queensland effected by the floods and cyclones and more recently, the farmers out in Northern Victoria and Western Gippsland who have also been hit by floods- I wish you a speedy clean up and recovery and hope that too much damage has not occurred. Mother Nature seems to be hitting us in every direction over the last year.

International Dairy week has been and gone for another year and was a successful week for many. It was great to catch up with many current clients, have a chat about what is happening on your farm at the moment and meet some new faces who are interested in building healthy cows this season.
Congratulations to everyone who exhibited- the cows looked fantastic and I know many of you had results you should be extremely proud of. It was great to see so many Performance cows doing well in the ring.

Out on farm, we are busy getting ready for Calving, preparing to lead feed, cleaning out calf sheds, stocking up on Gel and Healthy calf plus for when the first calves drop and looking at ways to maximise production this year. Just a reminder that our specials have been extended to February so make sure you take advantage of them.

With step ups from Fonterra, Longwarry and MG in our region, increasing feed efficiency  and getting the most milk out of the cows whilst keeping them in top condition are all hot issues. Both Nicola and Brad will be visiting our area throughout the next two months, checking in on your on farm nutrition to make sure we are getting optimum results in transition and early lactation.

For all herd clients, don’t forget that the nutritional service is only a phone call away and available for your use at no extra cost.

We will be at both Sungold Field Days at Warrnambool and Farmworld Field Days at Warragul over the next month so make sure you drop in.

Yours in Healthy Cows

Southern NSW and Tasmania

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going .

Temperatures have been soaring lately in late JAN and cows have been feeling it, make sure you read the Heat stress Bulletin attached with this newsletter, it is so important to make sure all animals on farm need access to good levels of water.

Gearing up for Calving season ?, be sure to take advantage of the special calf packs from Performance Probiotics, Pack includes 1 x Healthy Calf Plus, 2 x 300cc Microbial Gel and 1 x 80cc Microbial Gel, Pack sells @$360 ex GST saving 11%.

Congratulations to Erin Taylor on winning the Sheri Martin Memorial scholarship from the National All Breeds Dairy Youth Camp in JAN, it was great week and I am sure I speak for everyone when I thank all sponsors and organizers of the most successful week.

For Lead feed look no further than Fire Up, to insure your cows against Milk Fever and Retained Placenta’s
Congratulations to the Champions from International Dairy Week, especially the Thompson family and Matt Templeton who exhibited Supreme Champion Dairy Female.

Here are prayers to all farmers in disaster stricken QLD, our hearts are with you all the way.
Pete Bramich of Farm-Gate Biological's now carries Performance Calf Products in Tasmania including Healthy Calf Plus 80 & 300cc DFM Gels and True Blue Milk Replacer, Call Pete on 0488 902 171

With the Season experienced over the past 6 months be careful what feed is purchased for your milkers, there will be plenty of shot and sprung grain around, also be on the lookout for signs of Botchalism in all feeds, in trouble, Performance Gels are excellent for combating these problems. 

Kind Regards Jason Chesworth

West Districts Victoria and South Australia

A very happy New Year to you all and I hope 2011 is a good one.  It has started with some significant rain events as we all know, our sympathies go out to all those affected and we hope you are back up on your feet very soon. 

It has been a busy start to the year with a very successful Dairy Week just completed, great to see a number of you up there and congratulations to all those who exhibited.

With the start of the year we see a number of people again preparing for calving, don’t forget to ask about our CALF PACKS which are on sale until the 28th February and also our FIRE UP to add to your lead feed ration to ensure cows are in best shape coming into the dairy. 

Over the next month I am having a week in South Australia and then back to attend the Sungold Field Days in mid February, please come and say hello, we will be inside the main marquee at site 38.

I hope to get out and see you all over the next few months, please feel free to give me a call in the meantime if you have any queries at all.

Yours in Healthy Cows,
Tom Newton.

North Coast NSW and Queensland

Where did January go? Since starting with Performance in mid January I have managed to rack up the air miles with a trip to IDW and this week a trip to the lovely South Coast of NSW with Jason.  At IDW, I managed to see a number of people from our region who had managed to get away and look at some quality animals. It was also a great way to be introduced to the Performance team and see the company culture first hand. After 3 years out of the industry coaching football, IDW confirmed my thoughts. I have missed cows.

Now that I am settled in the role, I shall be out on farm over the next 6 weeks to catch up with as many of you as possible and visit your operations to see how the performance products are helping you reach your goals.

The year has started in the worst possible way for our region with flood water and now Cyclone Yasi testing our industry.  The people in our industry have dealt a difficult time but with the passion and hard work that comes with being a farmer I am confident the industry will bounce back stronger.

I look forward to meeting you all soon and working together to achieve healthy, productive and happy cows.

Yours in Healthy Cows,