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Happy 2012 everyone – we hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year period and that you all had a chance to catch up with family and friends.

Well, it is the end of January already so we are well and truly on the way to another fast and furious year ahead and with 'most' areas enjoying an above average season, let's hope that milk prices close strongly.

January 2012 saw the launch of our 1st annual 'Performance Club' outing which proved a huge success. Over 30 customers from all over Australia enjoyed a day at the Australian Open tennis, followed by a very social dinner on St Kilda beach. The following morning, accompanied by a delicious 5 course breakfast (again on St Kilda beach), we were enlightened on the 'Profitability of Dairy Farming in Australia' by Andrew Angelino (Dairy Business Centre) and on the 'Fundamentals of Dairy Nutrition in the USA' by Dr Joe Ward (Performance Probiotics, USA).

Thank you for all the positive feedback from customers and rest assured it will be bigger and better again next year.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2012, we look forward to helping you build healthy cows….


Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

To find out more about Performance's products, features and benefits, visit www.performanceprobiotics.com








Real Farmers. Real Results


Calving down 250-300 cow annually
Split calving pattern
Calves are hand-reared on whole milk
They then move onto automatic feeders

What Performance products are you using and how are you using these products in your system?

Healthy Calf Plus and the Direct Fed Microbial Gel.

Why did you choose Performance in the first place?

I found the products at the G.A bull night in the Austral Hotel. Then a follow up visit from Tom and Sharna (GA).

What are the things you like most about Performance now that you have been using our product/s for a little while? What does it help you achieve?

I have a shed full of happy and healthy calves. I have been able to rear the first half of the calves almost incident free. The only calves to have any problems didn’t have either of the Performance products for the first 4 days of life and may have been out of unvaccinated cows.

We also used the DFM Gel last season in the cattle that we took to Dairy Week at Tatura. It made a huge difference in keeping the cows appetite up and they walked into the show ring looking as good as we could of hoped.

Has it saved you time/money/effort? How?

Yes. It has saved me time, money and effort. No time is wasted treating sick calves. There are no vet bills from trying to save sick calves. There are also no drug costs from treating sick calves and the effort and time it takes to look after animals that are unwell has all but gone. I can only hope that I have the same results with the second group of calves.

How easy is Performance to use in your system?

It’s very easy to use the products as they are either added to
the milk or administered orally. I give the calves the Microbial Gel as soon as they go into the shed as well as spraying navels with a metho and iodine mix. I also put the Healthy Calf Plus into
the first feed I give them.

What is the major benefit you see in using Performance?

The major benefits of the Performance products are healthy animals — and with the calves that’s a great start to life.
I absolutely loath having to deal with or treat sick calves.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of investing in Performance Probiotics, but wasn't sure?

If a friend asked me about using the products I would highly recommend them as results I have had speak for themselves.





Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit www.performanceprobiotics.com/News.asp at any time.


Tatura steps up – Bega Cheese subsidiary Tatura Milk announced a loyalty payment of 8c/kg butterfat and 20c/kg protein on premium and choice milk supplied from the 1 July to 31 December 2011 and a price increase of 8c/kg butter fat and 20c/kg protein for the period 1 January to 30 June 2012. In addition to the above, the Board is pleased to announce a further milk price increase for the months of February to June 2012 inclusive of 8c/kg butterfat and 20c/kg protein.

Home-grown probiotics hopeful – Progel is to launch what it claims is the world's first non-fermented, multi-strain probiotic drink product. Progel is a Brisbane-based start-up formed by UniQuest, with investment from UniSeed and Brisbane Angels, to commercialise an encapsulation technology developed at the University of Queensland's (UQ) School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

Uplift in NZ farm sales and prices – Farm sales in New Zealand for the three months ended November 2011 increased by 85.3% compared with the corresponding period of 2010, according to data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). There were 315 farm sales in the three-month period, compared with 170 in September-November 2010. Prices for dairy farms had seen a noticeable lift, with peak prices being paid in excess of $50,000 per hectare in Canterbury and $55,000 per hectare in the Waikato. Although these values include Fonterra shares, nevertheless they reflect a solid gain on prices being paid earlier in the year. For the three months ended November 2011, the median sales price per hectare for dairy farms was $36,766 (on 27 properties).

Rabo optimistic for dairy prices – Rabobank dairy analyst, Tim Hunt, said that with the near term global economic outlook remaining "sober", the market may struggle to digest available supplies by early 2012 as stocks begin to build. But as China remained "structurally short of milk" after working through its stocks in the first half of the year when prices were expensive and now most Chinese processors needed substantial volumes to meet requirements, but the "phenomenal purchase volumes of 12 months ago are unlikely". This demand should provide a firm base for a modest increase in the trade, although it "may not prove enough to soak up the likely extent of spillage from export regions".

China imported 100,000 cows in 2011 - China is importing more dairy cows to transition to larger-scale farms, as the industry attempts to keep up with surging demand, as well as improve product quality and safety. New breeding stocks are in heavy demand as the government promotes large-scale dairy farms to replace many small backyard family dairies. It is estimated that dairy cow imports in 2011 reached 100,000 head, up from 80,000 head the year before, with the biggest suppliers including New Zealand, Australia, and Uruguay.


Source – Fresh Logic




Hi Everyone

Happy to be on board the Healthy Cows Team!! I was born and bred in Darnum, Victoria (Gippsland) on a poll Hereford Stud. At 15 I decided I needed a part time job, being in the dairy central of Australia milking cows was my option. From here I went off to uni at La Trobe studying Bach. Agricultural Science whilst at the same time relief milking for my aunt & uncle on weekends (Wendon Holsteins & Jerseys). My aunt slowly got me more involved in the showing aspect of the industry which I still enjoy. In 08’ I graduated and went on to help out at Wendon for the next 9 months. August 2009 I was then off to Canada after winning the Semex Youth Fellowship. I spent 3 months visiting farms and working at the two most prestigious shows in North America; World Dairy Expo and Royal Agricultural Fair. This trip was a real eye opener into the dairy industry and I felt that I could use my knowledge and apply some it back in Australia. I then spent 18 months full time working on a large dairy farm near Warragul . I learnt so many practical things that you just can’t teach out of a text book! And from there I’m happy to be on board the Performance Probiotics team. My territory is Gippsland & Northern Vic. Oh and a heads up for all my customers...I am a keen Carlton Blues supporter. Look out 2012!  

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and honestly helping to build healthy cows.

Jackelene Norrie






Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Southern NSW and Tasmania

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going

Congratulations to Performance customers who exhibited at International Dairy Week, It was great to see such depth in all of the milk classes, and the new level of excellence that was created by this show.

The first PP club outing was had just after IDW, it was great to get to know our clients better on a social basis and am sure the event will grow each year.

With the Calving season approaching, make sure you invest in milk additives to ensure the efficiency of your growing calves, Healthy Calf Plus is a market leader in preventing diseases and metabolic disorders in the first 4 weeks of life.

Flushing Cows ?- Farmers are getting great results using Hot Flush in conjunction with the Performance Flush Plan, contact me for more details.

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to www.youtube.com and search for Performance Probiotics, here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, how they work in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

Kind Regards Jason Chesworth

West Districts Victoria and South Australia

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and managed to get a bit of time with family and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for a prosperous 2012 with good seasons, good milk price and Healthy Cows!

January has started with a bang with International Dairy Week (IDW) and congratulations to all our Performance customers who had cattle on show. Performance Probiotics herds were very successful across all the breeds and we congratulate all of you who came home with a ribbon. It was great to see a number of you up in Tatura for the week. The week was topped off with our inaugural Performance Club outing in Melbourne and what a fantastic event it was. Thanks to all those who participated and I am sure as you will see from the photos, a lot of fun was had by all and we look forward to a bigger and better event in 2013.

Don't forget to make the most of our IDW SPECIALS; we need to get your orders in before the end of January to ensure you don't miss out on these significant savings. If you have any queries please give me a call.

The warmer weather and deteriorating feed quality has certainly had an impact on milk production across the area over the past month. If you are interested in understanding how Performance can help you manage these challenges please feel free to give me a call.

Again all the very best for 2012 and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

Yours in Healthy and 'Cool' Cows....

Tom Newton.