If you haven't got a beanie to keep you warm, place an order with Performance Probiotics for over $1000 in the months of June/ July and we will send you one in the mail…

Well, the last 2 step ups by MG have been welcomed against falling international commodity pricing so hopefully this is a sign of ongoing optimism. Although globally dairy commodities have fallen to what many consider to be the bottom, Australian stocks are still relatively low which is a positive for our pricing. I think it is a given that these prices will always move in swings and roundabouts…

Enjoy the newsletter and if you are looking to build healthy cows, you have come to the right place…


Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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Real Farmers. Real Results

Holloddon Holsteins

Farm Managers: Jon and Nadine Holland
Herd: 100% registered Holsteins

What Performance products are you using and how are you using these products in your system?

Healthy Calf Plus
All calves receive fresh colostrum for the first 48 hours. For the next 8 weeks, they are fed 2.5L of fresh milk, am and pm mixed with Performance Healthy Calf Plus. Calves have access to cereal hay and pellets throughout. At 8 weeks, the milk is gradually reduced until weaning at 10 weeks. Calves are then turned out onto pasture and quality hay. Access to pellets will continue for another 2 months.

Healthy Herd
The milking herd receives a mix of crushed wheat and canola meal in the dairy. Ration will vary from 6kg up to 10kg per day depending on stage of lactation and pasture quality. Performance Healthy Herd pellets are included in the ration via an additive dispenser.

Fire-Up Dry
cows are separated and introduced to the lead feed diet approx 2-3 weeks prior to expected calving date. The lead feed includes 3kg per cow of crushed wheat and canola meal, mixed with Performance Fire-Up. Springers also have access to ad-lib cereal hay.

Why did you choose Performance in the 1st place?

The first product we used was the Performance Healthy Herd. We wanted to increase the grain component in the diet, and so needed to introduce some sort of additive as a buffer to prevent acidosis. Healthy Herd seemed the logical choice due to the added benefits of the live bacteria and minerals, rather than simply a buffer.

I began investigating different options with my fresh cow transition diets. I was not happy with the levels of ketosis and sub clinical acidosis in my fresh cows, particularly in the younger cows. We had been using the Healthy Herd for a while and were pleased with the results, and so gave the Performance Fire-Up a try.

What are the things you like most about Performance now that you have been using our product/s for a little while? What does it help you achieve?

Since using the Healthy Herd, our cases of acidosis has dropped to virtually nil. The Fire-Up lead feed has also had a very positive impact. The transition from dry cow to lactating cow has been much smoother, with a dramatic reduction in the cases of ketosis. Fresh cows have a much stronger appetite post calving which allows them to maintain body condition through the transition. The Healthy Calf Plus has greatly reduced the cases of scours. Calves are clearly healthier with shiny coats. Their intake of pellets has increased, and from an earlier age. The biggest difference has been the late born calves. They now compete much better and catch up to the other groups faster, whereas traditionally they have often struggled.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of investing in Performance Probiotics, but wasn't sure?

When you consider your feed budget is by far the biggest cost on any dairy farm, Performance Pro-Biotics are a way of ensuring you are maximizing the return on your feed investment.

Has it saved you time/money/effort? How?

The reduction in sick calves since introducing the Healthy Calf in their diets has been significant. The time/money/effort now saved that was previously spent on caring for sick calves has had a great impact on the calf rearing program. The milking herd has also benefited through less health issues during the calving transition, which then results in earlier and greater production peaks and earlier onset of reproduction cycles.

How easy is Performance to use in your system?

The Healthy Cow and Healthy Calf additives have been very easy to implement and have very little impact on day to day workload. The Fire-Up has required a few alterations before finding a system that worked. However I believe any lead feed system requires a degree of effort, and I'm confident the system now in place is affective, and the benefits far outweigh the additional workload.

What is the 'major benefit' you see in using Performance?

Healthier cows. In a herd of 150 with fresh cows currently entering the herd, there is not a single cow in the herd that does not have a shiny glossy coat. It is a simple inclusion to the overall management and diet that ensures they are able to maximize their potential.





Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit www.performanceprobiotics.com/News.asp at any time.

Australian milk production grew by 7.7% in the month of April 2012, compared with the corresponding month in 2011.  This has pushed season-to-date growth up to 4.3%, for the first 10 months of the 2011/12 season.  Milk production during April was higher in all regions excluding Western Australia and Western Victoria.  Growth across Victoria as a whole was up 9.5% in April, driven by very high growth (+21.2%) in Northern Victoria.  Tasmania has shown the greatest amount of growth this season with milk production growing 9.6%.

Australian dairy producers have concentrated on cheese and whey powder production this season at the expense of whole milk powder (WMP).  WMP manufacture is back by -5.7% on the previous season, according to the latest Dairy Australia data.  Cheese production is up 4.3% and whey production is 7.7% higher.  Skim milk powder is now nearly equivalent to last year as production has been pared back in recent months relative to the previous year.  Butter oil production is down 27.6%, while butter production is trailing last season by 0.2%.

Fonterra offerings at the next Global Dairy Trade auction are significantly lower than they were at the previous auction.  Volumes are at their seasonal low for most products on offer.  On June 5 Fonterra will be offering a total of 27,795 tonnes of product.  This includes 18,000 tonnes of whole milk powder (WMP), 4100 tonnes of skim milk powder (SMP), and 3625 tonnes of anhydrous milkfat (AMF).  550 tonnes of butter milk powder (BMP) is also available at the June 5 auction.  Fonterra has increased the amount of product they plan to offer over the next 12 months on GDT by 4.7%.  Volumes have been increased for all products which Fonterra currently sells on GDT.

Source – Fresh Logic



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Treeman2 sitting pretty on top with 69 points, closely followed by Eastside boy and fruit choc on 68 points, with 6 tippers right on their tails with 67 points.
It's any ones game still as the points are so close together.

Bit of an upset this week as well, really who would of thought the Lions could beat the Eagles, and I am not even going to mention Melbourne and the Bombers!!!

Hang in there and keep tipping, points are that close that you only need to miss entering your tips one week and you will be over taken, and don't forget at the end of it, what we are all playing for.....
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All I have left to say is come on Bombers, lets' NOT have a repeat of this week's game!!!!!






Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Queensland, NSW and Tasmania

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going. I Hope that this newsletter finds you well and that the cows are milking well.

The past 2 months has seen the grass not growing as well as most farmers would have liked considered the season we had over the summer. In many parts of NSW it has dried out over the past month or so, hopefully we will see some rain in the next couple of weeks.

Performance now works with a very wide range of feed mills in NSW, making it even easier to include a beneficial Probiotic in your diet, if you mix your own grain we also work with a number of companies and can make using a Probiotic not only beneficial to your herd health and production but cost effective too !!!
Wondering how you can save some $$$$$, then give me a ring, through Performance's Nutritional services many of our clients have been able to save $1000's of dollars by assessing their feed additives and overall ration costs.

Sydney Show: Congratulations to PP customers who excelled at the show in particular Craig O'Meara for Reserve Champion Jersey Cow, and Paul Ringland for Intermediate Champion Illawarrra.

Flushing Cows ?- Farmers are getting great results using Hot Flush in conjunction with the Performance Flush Plan, contact me for more details.

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to www.youtube.com and search for Performance Probiotics, here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, and how they work in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

I look forward to working with you to Build Healthy Cows

Kind Regards

Jason Chesworth
0427 760 136

West Districts Victoria and South Australia

It is hard to believe we are now into June, however if you had any doubt the weather has certainly been a reminder of the start of winter.  Finally a break in the season across the bulk of South Australia and Western Victoria, unfortunately a few weeks later than we would have liked but a break all the same.  Pasture growth across the area has been slow over the past few weeks so hopefully the forecasts of a warmer than average June and July will come through and we can get some feed in front of us.

The drier conditions up until the start of May have had the benefit in making for more pleasant calving and calf rearing conditions however has posed some challenges with reliance on supplemented feed and dry cow management is certainly an area where a few have been caught this year with feed availability being limited.  Remember the importance of having cows in good condition (BCS 5.0-5.5) at calving time and a good transition management program to minimise calving difficulties, metabolic issues and to ensure a smooth transition into the dairy and maximise our milk production. 

Our FIRE UP lead feed additive has been achieving great results again this year, if you would like to know more please give me a call.  Nicola Brazier (nutritionist) and I have done some presentations on dry cow and fresh cow management so if you have any queries on this or any other nutritional queries let me know and we can get some information to you.

As for June I will be spending the bulk of time in Western Victoria before heading over to the South East of SA in the last week of the month.  By the end of the financial year I hope to see plenty of grass, a 7th straight series win for Queensland in the State of Origin and the Brisbane Lions out of the bottom 4 in the AFL......... you just never know.

Have a great month and hope to catch up soon.

Yours in Healthy Cows....

Tom Newton.
0439 773 14


Gippsland & Northern Victoria

Hello to all,

Once again is has been a busy few months. It's been great to catch up with so many of you and in the next few months I look forward to really adding great value to all your operations!

In brief April proved to be a fantastic month. The Gippsland Jersey Fair showed off some outstanding exhibits with Performance providing a pizza night for everyone. Later that month Coomboona tag sale and the Northern Jersey Lights sale showcased some exceptional  lots with good prices at both. As I am writing this I have been overwhelmed this week with the South Gippsland Jersey Breeders Club 100 year celebrations. It has been an amazing week to say the least. A huge well done to all those who put in so many hours of commitment.

On a different note, the weather conditions have been trying for both my regions. I keep thinking how is  it possible to have ‘too' much rain in Gippsland yet just not enough in Northern vic?! We will get through this season just comes down to management. For those who are about to dry off for spring calving, just keep in mind how you will bring those cows through their transition period. Fire-Up is definitely an option worth investigating as it will help aid that transition immensely. Any queries about this feel free to contact me!

Until next month take care and as I keep saying ‘Carn the Blues'  

Jackelene Norrie
0438 721 242