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Welcome to the Performance Probiotics Monthly Newsletter!

Welcome to all of our new customers over the last 2 months, especially those of you on our herd products (DFM, Healthy Herd and Healthy Herd Plus). We have received tremendous interest from our new team and or new service commitments and it is refreshing to see the number of farmers who are focused on natural feeding systems and overall herd health.

For those of you who haven't already, please feel free to visit our website at to see our products, services, technical information and industry news. We update our 'news' section daily with the last news on the Australian Dairy Industry, so visit our News web page to keep updated.

Remember as a user of one of Performance's Herd Products (DFM, Healthy Herd or Healthy Herd Plus) you are entitled to our FREE NUTRITION SERVICE which includes email and phone support at anytime and a minimum of 2 'on-farm' visits from one of our independent nutritionists throughout the year.

Thank you again to all of our customers - Yours in Building Healthy Cows...




Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotics on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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The Performance Team on The Brisbane Eye... From Left - Amanda, Jason, Libby. Tom, Kellie and Ben


Real Farmers. Real Results

Gerber Farms, one of the biggest dairy operations in Queensland, has come to rely on just one brand of probiotic products for the health of its stock - Performance Probiotics.

For the calves, Gerber Farms use Performance Paste/ Gel, Healthy Calf Plus, True Blue Calf Milk Replacer and Healthy Calf Macro.

"The products are all easy to use and very quick. They can only be a benefit to our animals." Quotes Julie Gerber who manages the calves.

"Having happy and healthy calves saves you a lot of time and money. The economic loss and labour involved in rearing a sick calf is massive." Says Julie.

In the cow diet, Gerber Farms use Healthy Herd Plus and Fire Up. Shayne Lambert (who looks after the cow nutrition) said there has definitely been an improvement in cow health and fertility rate since using Performance Probiotics.

"The hoof condition, coats and general health of cows are all much better. We have also experienced a lower incidence of lameness, which can be attributed to better rumen health," he said.

"And high fertility also means a lower cull rate from infertile cows."

"Out of about 800 cows we have had an improvement of five per cent in our conception rate, which equates to a lot more calves. This works out to be about an extra 40 cows each year," Shayne said.

In addition, Shayne said the service by the team at Performance Probiotics is outstanding. Staff are always readily available, informative and very friendly. "I would encourage anyone interested to have a go and see if it works for them."


(Extracts from article in Australian Dairy News and Australian Dairy Farmer)


Market News


Milk Price Opens Higher

Murray Goulburn and Warrnambool Cheese and Butter have each made a bold entrance into the new year. MG opened its milk price at an estimate of $4.75/kg milk solids and forecasts a full season average price of between $5.30 to $5.50/kg milk solids. In a letter to its suppliers last week, MG also announced its final milk price increase for the season by 8c/kg butterfat and 20c/kg protein. MG has unveiled its new milk pricing arrangements, a change in approach in response to various options offered by competitors and the increasing influence of domestic market. MG offers three payment systems - Traditional, Seasonal and Domestic - and has introduced a growth incentive of 20c/kg butterfat and 50c/kg protein. MG's announcement was closely followed by WCB which declared its opening price at $4.72/kg milk solids, up 25 per cent than for the prior year.


National Foods consolidates

National Foods has decided to close small two manufacturing plants - Cobden UHT milk site in Victoria by December and Wetherill Park yoghurt and fresh products site in NSW by March 2012 - which will result in 280 job losses. It will also upgrade its Morwell plant in Victoria and Baulkham Hills site in NSW. This decision follows NatFoods' review of its dairy operations following its acquisition of the Dairy Farmers' business in 2008.


Global dairy cow demand up

Australian exporter Austrex has predicted that although Australia will export more dairy heifers this year, it will still be unable to meet the worldwide increased cow demand, particularly from China and Russia. It further adds that in the past 12 months, Australian live exports have increased significantly compared to previous years, chiefly fuelled by low milk prices that have led farmers to sell their heifers. A total of 60,000 heifers and cows are expected to be exported this year, up 3 per cent on 58,300 of the past two years at $1,150 for unjoined heifers and $1,400 for commercial pregnant heifers (Source - Fresh Logic)





Welcome to our Winter edition of our newsletter. A special welcome goes out to our new DFM clients and clients who have commenced using our calf rearing program. Winter is looking good down in Gippsland with a promising season, positive milk prices that are about 25% higher on release than last year and spring calving about to commence.

Hopefully you have been able to catch few days break whilst you were drying off your cows. We have had a few frosty mornings and a reasonable amount of rain but certainly appreciating the sunny days when we get them. Gippsdairy/YDDP held a great day in June with the 4 teats workshop, focusing on developing young farmers and industry news. We have seen some great results in the area on farms that have started using the Performance range recently, including stronger, easier calves, cell count reductions, less issues at calving and overall healthier cows which is fantastic to see as we all continue to build Healthy Cows.

PS- have you got your Virkon, Gels and Healthy Calf plus ready for Spring?

Yours in Building Healthy Cows....


Gippsland Victoria

M 0438 721 242




Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Western Districts Victoria & South Australia

I keep going on about it but the season in Western Districts in general continues to march on with a mix of good rainfall and some beautiful clear days giving some beneficial pasture growth and also delaying the onset of the country becoming too wet. The bulk of South Australia has had reprieve after a drier period with the country responding well to recent rains. In further positive news opening milk price announcements from a number of manufacturers has signalled an increase for many of ~25% on 2009/10. I spent a good week over in South Australia in the middle of the month and aim to get back there for the Adelaide Show in August then into Melbourne a few weeks later for their dairy show. All the best for the first month of the new financial year and I look forward to catching up soon and talking Healthy Cows... Tom Newton 

Northern Victoria

It is so good to see when travelling around Northern Victoria this year, that there is actually some puddles and thicker natural grass - such a change from the past few years! Heading up into the hills around Tallangatta and Corryong, it is certainly looking spectacular. Similar to Gippsland, the good season so far and higher milk price release is certainly giving a more positive vibe throughout the region. Calving products, particularly Gel and Healthy Calf plus have assisted many farmers in getting through Autumn with less scours and helping the tail enders finish off stronger than usual. For spring calvers, now is the time to be preparing your sheds with Virkon and Naturclean, to break that bacteria cycle and get the next drop off to a great start. Welcome to the new DFM users in the area - great to hear of the results you have gotten so far. Remember as a DFM user, you have access to our nutritional service, which some utilised last month when Nicola came out in the field with me and gave some beneficial feedback. Yours in Building Healthy Cows.... Libby Heard

North Coast NSW And Queensland

It's been a busy ......and cold month in this region with record temperatures broken across parts of QLD. Milk price is the biggest issue in this area at present with all processors announcing changes the most significant are the changes in North Queensland and those National Foods suppliers coming off contract, in what can only be seen as largely price gouging. Good luck to the farmers in the region with the battle they are currently waging. Grain prices in the area are in general up – wheat, barley and maize, while sorghum is relatively stable, hay prices are steady. In some good news for the area Performance customers Travis and Melissa Deans are staging their 'Legends of Leader' sale next Thursday 15th July, in what is arguably the most complete catalogue of cows to sell in Australia we wish them luck and hope the sale sells well. In other news -congratulations to the McCarthy family for some excellent classification results in the latest rounds, well done to the NSW Jersey Branch for the success of their recent state sale which averaged $2706 with a top price of $7600 and good luck to our customers in North Queensland with their shows starting this week. I would also like to welcome our new customers in Queensland we hope that you get a lot out of Performance both in the dairy and out!! Until next month. Yours in Building Healthy Cows... Kellie Cooke

Southern NSW and Tablelands

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keeps us going. I Hope that this newsletter finds you well and that the cows are milking well. Winter is here, and don't we all know it, there has been a good drop of rain in most places over the past month and here's to hoping some warmer weather comes along so the moisture can be put to good use. For the Spilt calvers, hopefully your autumn calvers are milking well and that the preparation for spring calving is coming along nicely. Milk price still hasn't been announced by National Foods for off contract suppliers so here's to hoping this can come as good news rather than bad. Good to see that the Far South Coast has finally received some good rain to fill up all those empty dams I saw on my last trip down south. I Hope that the cows are milking well, that rain comes soon, and that you all are faring well yourselves. I look forward to working with you to….….Build Healthy Cows .... Jason Chesworth


First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going. After being here in the month of July, I thought that I had faced the worst of the Tassie winter, I was then informed that "this is nothin' shoulda been here last bloody July". I am only beginning to realize how tough farming down here in the winter can be; I really admire all of you who do. Hoping the autumn calvers have settled in well and that preparations for spring calving are coming along nicely. With Fonterra opening with indicative prices of $4.68/MS, hopefully this is only a starting point and you will receive what your milk is really worth this year. Hopefully the feed in front of you doesn't look scarce and there will be many more litres to come from it in future months. All the best of luck also to Gary Carpenter (a loyal customer of Performance Probiotics) who will be contesting his 1st federal election for Braddon in the upcoming election. I hope that you all are well and look forward to working with you to… ….Build Healthy Cows.... Jason Chesworth