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Welcome to October… Not long now till Father Christmas arrives can you believe?

For the Geelong and Many supporters out there, congratulations on a great year. For the Wallably diehard fans, a disappointing end to our World Cup campaign but well done to the All Blacks, they will be hard to beat.

Spring has arrived so please contact Performance if you need assistance through transition and for your calf rearing requirements – we would love to help. Keep an eye out for our IDW specials which will be out before Christmas…




Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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Real Farmers. Real Results

CLAYTON ALLEY T/as Moo Moo Diaries

Location: Forbes, NSW
Cow Number: 150
Breed: X Breed

What Performance products are you using and how are you using these products in your system?

Healthy herd hoof boost, used in our grain mix which is fed during milking

What are the Benefits you have seen since using Performance? (Please identify what product the benefits are associated with).

Since switching over to a pro-biotic product our herd health has improved in particular with the cows feet as we have seen no cases of sore feet or foot-rot during the wet months when we would see a few cases normally pop up, and also mastitis cases in our herd have basically disappeared as the product has made a noticeable improvement to  the cows overall immune system and in turn also conception rates have improved.

Can you put a 'monetary' figure on these benefits?

Hard to put an exact figure on it but with no vet bills and having only a bottle of penicillin on hand just in case and also not having any cows held out of the vat from withholding days or having cows held up with lameness and a saving on semen an estimate on savings on my farm would be approx. $5000-$7000 in savings but I foresee the long term results to be much greater as how can you put a price on your herds health.

Would you recommend Performance Probiotics to another farmer?

Most definitely!

Are there any other comments you would like to make about Performance Probiotics product range or services?

As far as a service to the farmer I have found performance probiotics to be the best by far and a pleasure to deal with and any of the competitors will be hard pressed to get me to leave as I believe that when you find a great product you should stick with it as your farm will benefit from it short term and long term.




Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit www.performanceprobiotics.com/News.asp at any time.


Bega makes a pitch to Tatura, denies WCB bid – The expected offer by Bega Cheese to absorb the 30% of  Tatura that it doesn’t own has commenced. Bega Cheese executive chairman Barry Irvin said a Merger Implementation Agreement had been signed and would be  subject to approval by TMI shareholders and a court later  this year.  Bega’s chairman told the Financial Review that while the  company had moved its ownership of Warrnambool  Cheese past 16%, it was not interested in a full bid for the Western Victorian manufacturer.

Milk sales holding up - Most states have reported growth in milk sales during the two months ending August as national sales were 1.7% up in total, according to latest data from Dairy Australia. WA was up 4%, Victoria 3.4% and Queensland 2.3%, but sales in SA dropped 1.6% for the first two months of this new financial year.  It is also interesting to see what has happened to trends for fresh white milk sales which continue to show consistently stronger growth since the inception of deep-discounting by major grocery retailers.  About a third of the increased sales in the 7 months however could be explained by the loss in sales of UHT milk, previously pegged at a similar price-point to where private label products are now set. 

A new player entering UHT market - Longwarry Food Park is close to launching product from a new UHT plant, expanding its Gippsland-based factory.  The company says the one-litre product is less than a month away from the marketplace, and will be sold both domestically and internationally.

Big production increases in New Zealand thanks to kind spring - A good autumn followed by a reasonable winter generally throughout the country has meant that last week Fonterra exceeded last year's peak three weeks early. Milk collection was on average up more than 15% on a daily basis throughout the country compared with last year. In the lower North Island, 19% more milk was collected last week than the same time last year. 

NZ Auction prices slide again – The reports of booming NZ milk output may have helped the latest GDT auction held on 4 October achieve another fall in average sales prices.

Biggest UK cheese investment for 20 years - UK-based dairy Milk Link is set to invest £20 million in order to make its Lockerbie creamery into the largest dairy processing site in Scotland and one of the largest and most advanced creameries in the UK, as well as creating a strong platform for the expansion of dairying in South West Scotland and the North of England, the company says.


Source – Fresh Logic




 Text us a picture of you with your favourite cow and a short sentence on how Performance Probiotics has helped you in your operation and the best entry will win a $250.00 voucher to spend on Performance Probiotic products. Please send your entries to 0425 233 589.



Well the AFL season is over and the Brisbane Lions are again locked up in their cage for another 6 months.  The culmination of the season has lead us to the ultimate prize of them all which is the Performance Tipping Competition winner.  This year our defending Champion RickyG has been knocked back to a tie for 2nd spot with the top honours this year being shared between Coops and Irish Doctor.  A very close finish overall with only 4 points splitting the top 5 finishers.  A special mention must also go to Mr Moo who narrowly beat the lovely Amanda for the honour of carrying the wooden spoon until this time next year.  We might have to do a weigh in next season as amongst the group we picked up 24 Whoppers from Hungry Jacks, Tom might have more chance of winning next year if it is based on Whopper consumption?  Thanks to you all for being involved and we will aim to make it bigger and better next year.  Congratulations again to Coops and Irish Doctor, can you please get in touch with us so we can organise delivery of your winnings.  Looking forward to 2012 – the year of the Lion!!!

1 - Irish Doctor - 151 (657)
2 - Coops - 151 (678)
3 - RickyG - 149 (647)
4 - Mark Stansby - 149 (660)
5 - Tom Newton - 147 (599)
6 - Likes Beer - 142 (696)
7 - Steve Hein - 142 (784)
8 - Pulley - 139 (648)
9 - Chriso68 - 138 (745)
10 - Rob@D&M - 135 (801)
11 - Blue Boy - 131 (682)
12 - Cowgirl - 129 (818)
13 - Chessy - 118 (810)
14 - Woody - 113 (885)
15 - Libby - 102 (863)
16 - Steven Hicks - 87 (913)
17 - Manda - 85 (869)
18 - Mr Moo - 84 (884)






Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Southern NSW and Tasmania

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going. Congratulations to Performance customers at the recent NSW State Show, especially to the Crawford family who had both Junior and Reserve IMT Champio.n The last 3 weeks have seen plenty of rain falling all over nsw and Tasmania; this will give a massive boost to spring for most.

In September I spent 10 days in the USA studying farming system that use DFM there, it was a great experience and so interesting to see how many USA farmers uses a live microbial product like Probiotics and yeast's.

Wondering how you can save some $$$$$, then give me a ring, through Performance's Nutritional services many of our clients have been able to save $1000's of dollars by assessing their feed additives and overall ration costs.

Be sure to Visit Performance at this Year Bega Farm Expo on the 18th and 19th of November at Bega Showground's.

Good Luck to all exhibiters at the Dairy Spectacular at Lismore on the 18th of October
Flushing Cows ?- Farmers are getting great results using Hot Flush in conjunction with the Performance Flush Plan, contact me for more details.
Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to www.youtube.com and search for Performance Probiotics, here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, how they work in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

Kind Regards Jason Chesworth

West Districts Victoria and South Australia

As we look forward to what we hope will be a very productive Spring period, some warmer weather has started to dry things out and we now just hope for some regular rains over the coming months to keep things ticking along.

The show season continues in October with the local shows of Western Victoria kicking off and also the ‘On Farm Challenges’ running for both the Holstein and Jersey breeds.  A big congratulations to all our Performance customers who exhibited recently in the Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Shows, there was some very exciting results – well done.

As we roll into spring and summer with feed quality changing this is one of the key times where we are seeing great results with DFM in our dairy rations.  The ability of the rumen to adapt to varying feed qualities and get the most out of what we are feeding is critical and this is what DFM can offer.  If you are interested in discussing further please feel free to give me a call.

All the best for October and I look forward to catching up soon.
Yours in Healthy Cows,

Tom Newton.