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Welcome to the Performance
Probiotics Monthly Newsletter!

Welcome to the 2nd last Performance Newsletter of the Year 2010. We thought it timely to send a newsletter now with a focus on the 'shows' around the country over the last few months. Performance Probiotics customers have had enormous success at these events and we wanted to congratulate all entrants at all shows for supporting the industry.

Most of you are probably still wet and (although it is a rural sin to say) looking forward to drying out a bit...One thing is for certain, one persons loss is another person's gain and with the current status of Australia's winter crop it doesn't look good for the quality of grain. Maybe this will mean consistent or lower pricing of grain for dairy farmers...

All the best for the months leading up to Christmas and we look forward to catching up for some 'tea and cookies' prior to Santa arriving... Yours in Building Healthy Cows.



Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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We got a replay in the Grand Final but in the Performance AFL tipping competition a late slump from the Blue Boy and a late surge from RickyG allowed the later to bring home the proverbial bacon over the last 3 rounds.  

A very big congratulations to Rick Gladigau of Mt Torrens in South Australia who has one this inaugural tipping extravaganza.  He has been harping on about a $50,000 cheque, not sure if this will come through Rick, (maybe hit up Gary Ablett for a slice of his new package....) but until then a prize will be on its way to you.  

Be assured the competition will be much stiffer next year.  Thanks to all for participating, we look forward to a another season of footy in 2011 where with two teams in Qld we are sure to see the cup start the journey back up to the top end of the country.....

C'mon the Lions!  Thanks again to all and congratulations Rick.


Congratulations to all our customers who did exceptionally well at the following shows recently:


Melbourne Royal Show
Bushlea Farms
Blue Chip Genetics
C & M Gleeson
A & J Furborough

Brisbane Royal Show (EKKA)
SG & JA Mc Carthy
Paulger Family
R & R Verrall
AA & DM Whatman
Gerber Farms
PJ Rough

Sydney Royal Show
Blue Chip Genetics
Cooltah Partnership
Engsta Holdings
C Whatman

Adelaide Royal Show
WN & CA Doecke
S & V Seeliger

NSW State Holstein Show
Crawford Family
M Hassett
Ozzie Holsteins
Jamie Drury




Real Farmers. Real Results

"Crawford's Triumph at 2010 Performance Probiotics NSW State Show"

Around 90 head were shown on a beautiful day at Maitland, NSW on the 28th of September.

Coolea Outs Debutante Ex 90 MS- Ex96 with 12103L was the star of the show taking out a Stella Aged Cow in Milk Class, Debutante was selected ahead of Avonlea Stormatic Jacqueline Ex 90.

Debutante went on to win Best Udder of Show and Senior Champion Cow, followed once again by Jacqueline into Reserve Champion Cow

Fraser Policy Peggy VG 88 took out the 5-6yr In Milk Class and was eventually named Honorable Mention Champion Cow.

IMT Champion was won by Murribrook Storm Victory VG 88 1st Class followed by Strongbark Ripple Pammie VG 86 1st Class

Junior Champion was again won by Murray Sowter with Murribrook Talent??????

Michael Hassett, another PP customer (Healthy Herd Hoof Boost) came second in the 6-7yrs In Milk Class with Bundella Jugalug Jaayla. Only Calved 4 weeks, Michael was happy with the result, “the cows are milking really well, cycling like they haven’t before and going back in calf”

Darren Crawford was ecstatic about the win and says it comes off the back of a lot of hard work by everyone at the Family Run Dairy Farm.

Together with His Brother Andrew and Parents Rod and Jenny they Milk 800 cows year round at Nowra on NSW’s South Coast.

Coolea Outs Debutante heads a big family at home that are breeding really well along with the Brownie’s are the 2 main families at Coolea.

Other families they are working with, just to name a few; Lila Z, Franstisco, Paradise, Blackrose and  Acme Star Lily.

They have been Using Performance Probiotic’s DFM for just over 3 months now and have been amazed at its effects on overall Herd Health.

The biggest difference they have witnessed is the fertility improvement’s in their cows, their cows cycled harder, longer and more often.

“You can really feel the difference when A.I’ing them, they feel much better, clean and more defined”.

Darren also speaks highly of the Healthy Calf Plus Product, “Every Calf that is on milk here gets 10grams a day, it’s a risk not to”, he swears by it for driving appetite and immunity levels in calves.

Further Congratulations to the Crawford Family and we look forward to continue Building Healthy Cows with you.


Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit at any time.


MDB plan guide cuts deep into irrigation volumes

The Murray- Darling Basin Authority's proposal basically involves redirecting between 3000 and 4000 gigalitres of water a year from water users. On average this will mean a cut in water availability of 27-37%. For dairying regions, the proposed cuts in future allocations vary from system to system within the Basin but are consistently significant. The release of the plan gives irrigators and milk product manufacturers the reference frame for what the future looks like in some key regions, but a lengthy consultation and negotiation period lies ahead before the proposals are concrete, and absolute certainty is provided.


Bega "not yet" to share float

Chairman Barry Irvin was forced to deny industry rumours that the NSW cheese company was preparing to float on the stock exchange. About 140 shareholders own Bega Cheese, about 100 of these are current suppliers based in the Bega Valley in NSW. Admitting the idea of listing the processor was always under review, Irvin said Bega was concentrating on running a good business for its suppliers and shareholders, and that listing was "a while away for now".


NZX launches trade in dairy futures

NZX launched its dairy futures market at 8am Friday with the hope that it would make one trade on day one... but the first day didn't attract any business. The exchange has been working on the futures market for two years. Futures contracts are tools for managing price and cost risks, which effectively enable companies to lock in a price. Whole milk powder futures were the first product to be launched by the NZX, with potential users including processors, manufacturers, dairy trading firms and farmers.

(Source - Fresh Logic)






First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going. I Hope that this newsletter finds you well and that the cows are milking well.

Spring is finally here, and I'm sure many of you are busy cutting silage, good luck and it looks good to be able to put yourself out in front for a change.

Congratulations to all of our Performance Customer's in their results at the Performance Probiotic's NSW State Show 2010, also over the country at all shows cows "Powered by Performance" have been out-competing the rest. The reason; Performance Cows are Healthy Cows, allowing optimal efficiency at all times, find out more follow link below:

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to and click on the YouTube icon on the right- here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, and what they actually do in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

Grain Mixes for Dairy Calves (18 & 21%P) and a Lead Feed based on DFM are now available from Farm Service's - visit

I look forward to working with you to Build Healthy Cows .

Jason Chesworth

M 0427 760 136




Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Northern Victoria

Hello to everyone in the North and North East Victoria and I hope you are all still happy with the way the season is heading. On my visits out there this month, the canola crops have been over the fence in many areas and plenty of water around has been a positive influence on the area.

Congratulations to Di and Dean Malcolm from Blue Chip Genetics for an extremely successful Melbourne Show, with the highlight of Supreme Champion dairy exhibit Bluechip Drake Whynot.

Yours in Building Healthy Cows.... Libby Heard


Busy time down here with Spring calving almost finished and joining and silage about to start. It was good to catch up with a lot of clients at Poowong and Melbourne show. We have had positive results from the new farmers starting on Performance Herd Products with stronger cycling, increased components and more content cows some of the comments this month.

Congratulations to Bushlea farms who got Supreme champion Jersey, Reserve Dairy cow and Reserve Senior Champion Holstein at the Melbourne show. Also Congratulations to Lucas and Kylie Licciardello at Leongatha for winning the Genetics Australia Share Dairy Farmer of the year.



It was four seasons in two days at Poowong Dairy Expo in Gippsland this year. Rain, Hail, Wind and Sunshine all kept coming and going for the Expo but it did not deter one of the most successful events they have held so far. With the help of Tom our Western Districts Area Manager, we had the opportunity to catch up with many current Performance clients and talk to some new clients about how Performance can help their cows.

The highlight of the event would have to be the Cow Stacking Competition ('cos we build healthy cows) where the kids and big kids had the challenge of stacking as many cows as possible with our overall winner being Madeline Lancey from Nyora who had 27 cows in a stack.

Happy with the results you have had with your calves on Performance? Think of what it can do for your herd!

Yours in Building Healthy Cows....

Queensland and Northern NSW.....what a beautiful part if of the world to live in!

Queensland and Northern NSW - what else can I say but how about this weather! So far this month we have experienced the wettest day in QLD history and it’s still going! Now more than ever is when Performance Probiotics is going to benefit your herd, helping to reduce production losses, aid with sore feet and rising cell counts.

This month we are celebrating Performance customer achievements. Recently, the Queensland cow of the year was named – Minash Sovereign Nita 2nd, congratulations to the Nat Crank and family. Down to NSW and the Dairy Spectacular recently held at Lismore saw a number of Performance customers really get amongst the mix, including –  Warren Gallagher taking out Intermediate Champion Illawarra and Steve and Jenny McCarthy taking out Supreme Intermediate and Best Udder.

Currently we have On Farm Challenges in every breed happening in our region, good luck to everyone and I look forward to bring the results in our next newsletter. Until then stay dry!

Yours in Building Healthy Cows... Kellie Cooke


First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going. I Hope that this newsletter finds you well and that the cows are milking well.

It was a great privilege to Judge the Holstein at Burnie at the beginning of the month, it was great to catch up with everyone and look forward to the show next year.

Pete Bramich of ‘Farm Gate Biological's’ is the new agent for Performance Calf Products in Tasmania including Healthy Calf Plus 80 & 300cc DFM Gels and True Blue Milk Replacer, Call Pete on 0488 902 171.
At Shows all around the country Cows “Powered by Performance” have been out competing the rest, the reason, Performance cows are Healthy Cows, allowing optimal efficiency at all times, find out more follow link below:

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to  and search for Performance Probiotics, here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, and what they actually do in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

I look forward to working with you to Build Healthy Cows....Jason Chesworth

West Districts Victoria and South Australia

Well September has come and gone however Spring has not quite arrived yet. The rain has continued to fall across the bulk of Western Victoria and South Australian areas throughout the month, however with the longer days and hopefully some warmer ones not far away we should really see pastures kick into gear over the next week or two.

So conditions have still been pretty trying for cows, calves and farmers alike. From a cow health perspective we are really excited with the results we have been seeing in our herds using our "Hoof Boost" herd products in the area helping to manage hoof health through a challenging period. Our calf products continue to impress in trying conditions with farmers experiencing minimal disease incidence, healthy calves with aggressive feeding habits. For farmer health and well being, we have an order in for some sunshine for you, so hopefully that is not far away.

We have attended a few shows this month, a great turnout from a spectator and cow quality point of view at the Adelaide Royal which had the Illawarra's as a feature breed this year. The Melbourne Royal and ensuing GA Elite Genetic Merit Sale have been hailed a success, congratulations to all our Performance customers who entered in all these events.

Other than that I have had the last couple of days at the Dairy Expo in Gippsland and have been caught up in the excitement of a double Grand Final this weekend.

Wishing you a warmer October and all the best as many of you start the silage pilgrimage for the year. I hope to catch up over the coming months.

Yours in Healthy Cows..... Kind Regards, Tom Newton.