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Welcome to the Performance
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Well it is September already - where has the year gone? What an exciting 2 months it has been, commodity prices are up, rain is coming down and we have just finally found out our new Federal Government. We know that some of you have received too much rain (isn't it always the case) so we hope it doesn't affect your operation too much.

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Our vision at Performance Probiotics is to increase Australia's milk productivity through natural feeding systems – We Build Healthy Cows.

Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today. Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999.

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Top 10 places now .... but a long way to go!

1 Blue Boy  


2 Rickyg


3 Tarlee Forward


4 Rusty


5 Belinda Scott




7 Irish Doctor


8 John Hallo


9 Malcyboy


10 Bomber



Real Farmers. Real Results

Wayne Kuhne, Bushlea Farms, Leongatha VIC

Milking 350 head. 80% Jerseys, 20% Holsteins.
Producing on average 605kg solids.
Jersey herd milks 6600L.
Feeding 5.5kg Barley, 1.25kg Potatoes, 0.5kg Canola, 1kg Oaten Hay & 1.5kg Silage.

Farm is located just out of Leongatha in Gippsland. The Kuhne family have been using Performance Probiotics for 7 years.


What Performance products are you using and how are you using these products in your system?

Using Healthy Herd Hoof Boost, Fire Up, Healthy Calf Plus, Healthy calf Macro and the gel. Hoof Boost is fed to the Milking herd through a mineral dispenser, Fire up is mixed up with Lead feed. Calves receive Gel, Healthy Calf Plus in their milk and Healthy Calf Macro in their Grain mix.

Why did you choose Performance in the 1st place?

Initially was looking at non antibiotic products as they wanted to put a more natural additive in the herd. Had concerns about long term levels of resistance from antibiotics and would rather take a preventative approach to overall health to reduce end costs, maintain production and have healthier cows.

What are the things you like most about Performance now that you have been using our product/s for a little while? What does it help you achieve?

In the herd products, ease of use and the safety of the product was a big benefit. There are no issues if you accidently overdose a cow or if one eats more than its share of grain that day. We have been on Healthy Herd Hoof Boost for a few months over the wet winter and have seen a reduction in foot related problems which benefit both the health of the cow and our time spent treating them.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of investing in Performance - but wasn't sure?

It gives us a peace of mind that the ease and safety of the product means one less thing to worry about. To assess any major changes in a herd you need to give things a decent chance- Trial it at least for 12-18 months to see the benefits to your cows.

Has it saved you time/ money/ effort? How?

Cows are the healthiest they have been for years and this is most likely an indirect saving.  Nutritional support is handy when you need a second opinion and it cost you nothing.

How easy is Performance to use in your system?

Very easy. The paste is our favourite product- we use it on any calves that are off milk, a bit sad or scoury and also used on any cows in the herd that are a bit flat.


Market News

Each newsletter, we will select what we regard are the most 'influencing' news articles for you as an Australian Dairy Farmer and also provide market intelligence from Maxum Foods. For more regular market news, please visit at any time.


NatFoods to Undertake Cheese
Manufacturing Review

National Foods says it plans to streamline 9 of its cheese manufacturing plants throughout the country by February 2011. The plants to undergo review include Simpson and Campbellfield in Victoria, Jervois and Murray Bridge in South Australia, Kings Meadows, Burnie, King Island and Heidi Farm in Tasmania and Malanda in Queensland. It could affect up to 660 employees and is also likely to bring about some plant closures and redundancies.


July Milk Up on Last Year

Dairy Australia said provisional production data for July 2010 shows national output was up 3.2% of the same time in 2009.


ACCC says Premium Arrangement OK

The ACCC has provided an interim ruling that the collective contract negotiation processes used by Parmalat and its Southern Queensland suppliers are working well for its Premium Milk dairy farmer members and intends to re-authorise the arrangement. Premium's members have been collectively negotiating contracts with Parmalat under an ACCC authorisation, and with Parmalat's support, since 2001. The ACCC proposes to re-authorise the arrangements for a further 10 years.


October launch for WMP futures contract

The much-awaited Global Whole Milk Powder (WMP) contract - the global dairy industry's first derivative product for WMP - will be launched by the New Zealand Exchange (NZX) on October 8. The global WMP would enable manufacturers and dairy trading firms, to manage price volatility as they can lock in prices in the WMP market up to 18 months in advance. According to NZX derivatives manager Kathryn Jaggar, this contract would also help farmers by providing them a view of the future market sentiment. The NZX contract will be cash settled and will be traded on the NXZ electronic platform GlobalVision and centrally cleared through the new clearing house operated by NZ Clearing Ltd. A range of futures and options products could be added to the market through 2010 and 2011, including skimmed milk and anhydrous milk fat futures, as planned by NZX.


Melamine-tainted milk resurfaces in China

The horrors of the melamine scandal have resurrected in China, with a total of 227 tonnes of melamine-contaminated milk powder being seized by the police in the latest national crackdown in July. In the recent turn of events, the Chinese police have arrested six people for allegedly distributing melamine tainted milk powder. The dairy materials are believed to be belonging to the same batch that should have been destroyed following the 2008 scandal and tests on the samples of the milk powder has shown that it contained up to 500 times the legally permitted amount of the industrial chemical.

(Source - Fresh Logic)



I have got across the bulk of the Western Districts this month and a week or so around the eastern areas of South Australia – one thing that is consistent is that it is WET!!!!! Significant rains across a majority of the area has left us all looking for the floaties, we hope that you have all managed to come through with minimal damage.


With the wet though comes an exciting outlook for a bumper spring. The current conditions has made it tough for those calving down, we have been seeing great results again with the Performance Calving products, these products have come into their own through this period with improved health of the immune system and any extra growth being critical.


We have a month of shows coming up in the area, with Adelaide and Melbourne Royal shows taking place in September both of which I will be getting to at some stage.


All the best to those of you exhibiting and taking part in the events. I am also going to head over to the Gippsland Dairy Expo later in the month where I will be manning the Performance stand with Libby, so if you are over there please stop in and say hello. All the best for a great and maybe slightly dryer September.

Yours in Building Healthy Cows....

Tom Newton

Western Districts VIC & SA

M 0439 773 145




Performance Healthy Herd (Hoof Boost) is added to your daily cow feed during lactation. HHHB includes the Performance DFM (Bacteria/ Enzymes and live Yeast) and trace minerals. As the name suggests, we have added extra minerals (Zinc and Biotin) to combat and prevent Hoof Issues. To find out more, please contact your local area manager or the office on 1800 11 88 72? Go to the following link for a detailed spec on the product -

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Around the Grounds - Area Reports

Northern Victoria

Upon writing this, I have been travelling around past crops that look fantastic (provided locusts don't eat them), water flowing into dams, more rain predicted for the rest of the week and a fresh sense of optimism in the north. There is even talk of flooding on the weekend which is such contrast to the past 8 or 9 years.

With calving just began and the value of heifers at the moment, interest in the calf rearing program has been great. Calf rearing can be such a challenge and the aim of our program is to get calves as strong and healthy as early as possible so that you have less issues with scours and other setbacks as your future milking herd grows.

Good luck to everyone with cattle in the 'Stars of the future' sale at the end of the month- look forward to catch up with you there. Lets hope that we are off to a ripper of a spring!

Yours in Building Healthy Cows.... Libby Heard


Welcome to Spring! Season down south is continuing to be looking good- spring calving is well under way, lots of grass around, plenty of rain and milk prices are on the increase which is such a nice change to see things heading in the right direction. Some farms around the Maffra region have been able to hold of starting to irrigate and getting bogged in paddocks and even on tracks has been common practice, particularly in west and south Gippsland.

Welcome to our new clients, both on herd products and on the calving program. Also welcome back to old clients who have recently starting using our products again.

Tom and I will be at Poowong Dairy Expo so make sure you drop in and see us.

Good luck to everyone exhibiting cattle in the Melbourne show this month - we will be there with Genetics Australia for their Elite Merit sale.

Yours in Building Healthy Cows.... Libby Heard.

Queensland and Northern NSW.....what a beautiful part if of the world to live in!

Well its be interesting times in Northern NSW and QLD, a mixed bag -with milk pricing structure changes, lower milk prices, good rain across much of QLD and some great achievements by Performance customers!

National Foods pricing is still causing pain to many QLD suppliers, with one bargaining supply group yet to sign - pushing for a better, more sustainable price. The QDO recently held its conference on the Sunshine Coast with a focus on supply chain management. Speakers such as Chris Garvin the CEO of Parmalat, drew farmer's attention to the particular markets their milk is destined for, Kate Carnell from the Australian Food and Grocery Council on consumer trends and Marcus Barber a strategic futurist really got the room thinking a bit differently.

In some more personal news Performance customers have been excelling throughout the regions; in July we had Travis and Melissa Deans' 'Legends of Leader sale' which broke the Australasian record for the average of a single vendor sale - topping at $36 000 for Leader DD Satin and averaging $8 536. Well done to Trav and Mel.

Congratulations to our PP customers for great results at Brisbane Royal - Gerber Farms (Reserve Juvenile Champion Holstein, the Verrall family (Juvenile Champion Jersey), Steve and Jenny McCarthy (Champion Jersey Cow and Supreme Intermediate Champion)... and I showed my first jersey at EKKA for a blue ribbon also!

Congratulations in order for our North QLD customers - the Cuda family on Champion Holstein cow and the Daley family on Champion Juvenile Holstein at the recent Malanda Show and the Paul and Mary Newland for their recent classification visit 6 new EX's and 6 new VG 89's!!

Until next time! Yours in Building Healthy Cows... Kellie Cooke

Southern NSW and Tablelands

First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going.

I Hope that this newsletter finds you well and that the cows are milking well.

Winter has certainly provided plenty of rain across all of NSW which will make way to a great spring, Talking about spring let's hope it comes on quicker, I know there are lots of farmers waiting on more sunlight for ryegrass.

It was a great turn out at the Genetics Australia Bull info sessions held at Bega and Gerroa in July, it was great to see so many people.

Congratulations to Performance Customer's Jamie Drury (True-blue Milk Replacer) on owning the country's first EX95 cow, Oberne Meadows Storm G Dolly. And to the Keen Family (Healthy Calf Plus & Fire Up) of Wagga for Breeding Dolly.

Congrats to Newlywed Performance Customers Andrew and Abbey Crawford (DFM) of Nowra, we wish you the best from here at Performance.

Performance is the major sponsor for the NSW state Holstein Show to be held at Maitland on the 28th of September, we hope to see a big show with plenty of competition for great prize money.

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to - here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, and what they actually do in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

I look forward to working with you to Build Healthy Cows.....Jason Chesworth


First of all welcome to new clients of Performance Herd Products and thank you to our loyal customers that keep us going.

Performance Probiotics is now on You Tube, go to - here we have one of our nutritional experts explaining the different components of our herd products, and what they actually do in the digestive system of a lactating dairy cow.

New Lead Feed Mixes are now available from Shane Groves, South Riana. Premixed grain ration for lead feeding, based on Wheat, Barley and Canola Meal - call me for more info on 0427 760 136.

From all reports your season is coming along nicely with lots of fulfilling rain as most of the country has had in the past few months of winter, here's to some nice sunny days now to start off for the spring, and may the next few months unveil great growth in all aspects of your business.

I hope that you all are well and look forward to working with you to Build Healthy Cows....
Kind Regards.......Jason Chesworth