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Dairy group worried about Woolworths plan to buy milk direct from farmers

A dairy group is worried about the viability of the whole industry if Woolworths buys milk direct from selected farmers.  
Woolworths leaked its plans to the media this week, that it's in talks with some dairy farmers to have a special brand of farmers' milk, processed under contract.  
Mike Logan, chief executive of Dairy Connect, which represents processors and farmers, says fresh milk suppliers in NSW and Queensland are not making enough money to invest in the future.  
"It's looking like there's winners and losers and that concerns me greatly," he said.  
"I don't want to see winners and losers. I want to see the whole industry rise."  
Source: ABC Rural


Farmers sceptical about rise in Coles WA milk price

A Western Australian dairy farmer has questioned whether local producers will receive any benefit from a recently announced price increase by supermarket giant Coles.  
WA's biggest dairy processor Harvey Fresh will receive 2.7 cents per litre extra for branded and private label milk supplied to Coles.  
Cowaramup dairy farmer Bob Biddulph is one of Harvey Fresh's biggest suppliers.  
He says the increase is a step in the right direction but it's unlikely he'll see any of it in his pocket.  
"I don't think it means anything as of today. It's what you might call a 'Clayton's price rise'," he said.  
"I think it's just Coles trying to make themselves look good, it won't equate to anything for us."  
At most, 20 per cent of the total milk processed by Harvey Fresh ends up in Coles branded bottles.  
Coles said the price increase will allow Harvey Fresh to pay higher farm gate prices to its 70-plus milk producers in WA.  
But in a direct contradiction, Harvey Fresh says it has already increased farm gate prices by 1 cent per litre back in January, in anticipation of this price rise.  
After doing the maths, Mr Biddulph says only about 0.4 cents per litre would be available for Harvey Fresh to pass on to farmers.  
"So in fact, Harvey Fresh could say they were very generous at the start of the year by giving us the extra cent."  
Source: Efarming/ABC


Bega takes bigger slice of dairy

BEGA Cheese will not launch a takeover of Warrnambool Cheese and Butter despite topping-up its shareholding recently.  
The NSW-based milk processor increased its shareholding in the Western Victorian processor during eights days this month, ending Thursday and paid mostly $3.60 a share.  
Bega Cheese's adviser David Williams, of Kidder Williams, said the recent buying was simply "rounding it up to 17 per cent, nothing more".  
Before the announcement on the Australian Securities Exchange last week, Bega Cheese had a little more than 16 per cent.  
It began its investment in WCB three years ago for $2.90 a share and has added to this since - paying up to $3.98 a share in late 2011.  
Mr Williams said there was a "weakness in the market", with share prices at $3.60-$3.55 recently, a good opportunity to top-up Bega Cheese's stake.  
"We have no plans to take-over and we are not asking for another board position, it's just status quo," he said.  
He said if Bega Cheese had wanted, it could have bought more than it did as shares last week were as low as $3.50.  
Bega Cheese is WCB's largest shareholder and Bega's executive chairman Barry Irvin is a WCB director.  
WCB share price closed at $3.58 on Friday while Bega Cheese shares finished at $2.58.  
Last month, WCB did not declare a half-year interim dividend due to a decreased half-year financial result and uncertainty about full-year expectations.  
The company announced a half-year net operating profit after tax of $15.3 million, a drop of $15.4 million compared with the same time last year.  
WCB said its earnings had been hit by subdued international market prices, strong Australian dollar and higher raw milk costs.  
Last month Bega Cheese declared an interim dividend of 3.5 cents a share and a $15.9 million half-year net profit.  
Bega Cheese reported a 9.6 per cent revenue increase and a 14 per cent increase in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation.  
Source: Dairy Week


Nutrient trials boost milk

TYPICAL southern dairy farm productivity gains of 5 per cent can be achieved by working on nutrient management plans that increased pasture growth, according to Victorian processor Fonterra.  
Fonterra Ingredients managing director Simon Bromell said his company's trials with farmers showed milk volumes and animal health had improved and fertiliser use was more efficient and cheaper.  
He noted that even rising energy and water costs, although having a big impact on farmer confidence, were not necessarily a big contributor to farmers' costs - typically about seventh placed on the top 10 farm costs list.  
Efficiency savings in the average dairy shed could offset the full impact of the new carbon tax on energy prices and achieve further savings.  
Fonterra was also tailoring payment schemes and income estimates to suit individual farm operations, urging producers to make more informed management decisions based on more accurate market signals.  
But South Gippsland farmer Graeme Nicoll believed processor pricing signals were part of the farm cost problem, particularly the trend towards encouraging more winter milk production in southern Australia.  
He said herds could not produce milk efficiently if they had to be milked and fed through extreme seasonal conditions.  
Processors margins were too lean to afford the sort of farmgate prices needed to justify cost effective year-round milk production and appropriate farm investment.  
Source: Queensland Country Life


North-west Victorian dairy farmers expect to survive

Dairy farmers in north-west Victoria say their industry will survive, despite a dramatic decline in the number of dairy farms in the region over the last 50 years.  
Drought, rising production costs and the global financial crisis have forced many dairy farmers to sell their water allocations and close down.  
The number of dairy farms near Swan Hill has dropped from 350 to 15 since 1975.  
Andrew Leahy, from Murrabit in north-west Victoria, has bought a defunct dairy farm and says he's positive about the future.  
"I reckon we've hit an equilibrium now in the north, with that extra bit of water that's floating around," he said.  
"Our family will grow a few more cows and we'll keep going there (and) I know there are other families that are going to double their herd sizes, so I think the numbers (of farms) will stay."


Melbourne authorities will sell water to Goulburn valley irrigators

Northern Victorian irrigation water allocated to Melbourne authorities is to be put up for sale.  
Melbourne water authorities paid $300 million for irrigation upgrades in the state's north in exchange for water saved from the project.  
The water was to be delivered down the north-south pipeline, which pumped water over the Great Dividing Range, but the Victorian Coalition Government shut it down after winning the last election.  
Tony Kelly, from Yarra Valley Water, says there may be no pipeline, but Melbourne authorities still own the water and will sell it back each year to irrigators.  
"When the original deal was struck, we were always going to have an entitlement in the Goulburn Valley," he said.  
"We now have an entitlement in Eildon and that entitlement increases as the savings from the project accumulate."  
Source: ABC Rural


Farmers meet Coles in a cowshed

Fifty Tasmanian farmers and food producers have taken the opportunity to meet national supermarket chain Coles in a cowshed at the Hobart showgrounds.  
The meeting was the third in a series of "meet the buyer" events Coles is hosting with producers around Australia.  
Coles managing director Ian McLeod says the supermarket is looking to help small producers grow.  
"You can evolve and develop over time and become quite a strong player, but I think it's important for us and the supplier that we evolve and develop at a pace that suits both parties," he said.  
"We've got quality control people, we've got development people. They can actually help with smaller suppliers."  
Source: ABC Rural


Dairy decline in South Australia's mid-north

The dairy industry in the mid-north of South Australia is on the verge of becoming non-existent.  
There are 16 dairy farmers that still operate in the mid-north and the Barossa, a significant drop compared to 30 years ago where there were 475 dairy farmers.  
Interestingly, despite the number of dairy farmers declining, the supply of milk has only dropped 10 million litres to 18 million litres in that time.  
Gary Zweck and his family have been dairying since the 1970s near Blyth, he says times are tough.  
"Our business has been treading water for the last six years, we've been aiming to try and milk 2 million litres a year, but we've been a bit under that."  
"The market signals haven't been great, and we haven't invested heavily in infrastructure, a lot of our equipment and machinery has band aids all over it."  
He says they've had three droughts since 2002, which has driven down equity; also land prices have softened, and fodder and water costs have escalated.  
He says milk prices haven't kept up with inflation.  
The average prices farmers are receiving range from 38 to 39 cents a litre, with cost of production between 42 to 45 cents a litre, that's a loss of 5 cents a litre for farmers.  
Andrew Koff, chair of the Mid North and Barossa Milk Cooperative says if the climate doesn't improve, he believes the number of dairy farmers in the region will drop to 8 in five year's time.  
He says they've lost four dairy farmers in the last four months due to bank foreclosure.  
Andrew Koff says since deregulation in the early 2000s, New Zealand has been able to lift its production from 10 billion to 19 billion litres in the same period of times, and Australia has dropped from 12 to 9 billion litres.  
Icecream company Golden North who runs a factory in the mid-north town of Laura sources 3 million litres of milk annually.  
They're not concerned by the current issues facing dairy farmers, as their supply is secured through Murray Goulburn.  
Source: ABC Rural


Low prices, floods hit dair

IN an industry that has been washed out by floodwaters and price wars, the resilience of dairy farmers has come to the fore.  
Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation CEO Adrian Peake said the Queensland dairy industry was under enormous pressure in recent years from natural disasters, man-made disasters, rising costs of production and unsustainable farmgate milk prices.  
“The 2013 Australia Day flooding, which was at record highs for a number of areas, has impacted more than half of the Queensland dairying regions,” he said.  
“While the damage bill is still being quantified in more detail, the initial estimate is that it will cost dairy farmers combined in affected areas more than $40 million in lost production and damage.”  
This follows the major hit the industry took in 2011 when the Queensland dairy industry lost 54ML in milk production and had an estimated on-farm damage bill of $80 million.  
Mr Peake said that, for other agricultural industries impacted by floods, prices in the marketplace and for farmers rose when supply was short. He said this differed for dairy farmers because even though milk supply was short, farmgate prices have been cut due to the impacts of the supermarket milk price war.  
It has been necessary for farmers to adapt and diversify farm operations.  
Mr Peake said dairy farmers had undertaken a wide range of actions to expand production per farm and make their farms more resilient.  
He cited the shift from pasture based systems to partial mixed ration systems, while expanding herd sizes and seeking to increase production per cow, as examples of this.  
“Many farmers have also invested in new milking machine technology to make milking operations more efficient and productive, with some farmers investing in robotic milking machines,” he said.  
“Many farms have invested in new irrigation technology, fodder crop growing and silage feed systems.  
“As with any business, to justify making an investment there needs to be a competitive return.”  
Another bright spot on the horizon is that a further 110ML of milk will be required in the next 10 years in order to keep up with Queensland’s projected consumption. This would see production rise from 530ML in 2012 to 640ML in 2021.  
However, Mr Peake said the supermarket milk price war was stopping farmers and processors from investment in the future.  
“There is a positive future for the Queensland dairy industry with forecast population growth and potential export market opportunities into the future in Asia,” he said.  
“These opportunities however will only be harnessed if dairy farmers and milk processors are able to invest and that requires a profitable return from the marketplace.”  
Source: Qld Country Life


Flood woes force milk 'down the drain

A central Queensland dairy has dumped about 12,000 litres of milk because of road closures in the Gladstone region.  
Heavy rain over the weekend flooded the Boyne River for the third time this year, closing roads.  
Leoni Paish runs the Velvet Waters Dairy Farm at Nagoorin in the Boyne Valley.  
She says the roads are still closed and the trucks cannot get in.  
"You just feel ... hollow and knowing with our milk price drop as well, we're not getting the income that should be there anyway or that was there and then it's insult to injury really," she said.  
"With the damages we've sustained, it really puts you in a hard spot.  
"We've just flogged our guts out for the last four days and it's all down the drain now.  
"We run a very big mortgage - we only bought the property a couple of years ago.  
"Repayments on that mortgage as well as the running expenses and now with huge loses of income and huge losses of cattle, huge losses of feed, it's not looking good."


Dairy forum to hear milk pricing worries

Profitability in the dairy industry and the cost of farming operations will be the focus of this week's United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV) conference.  
The event will begin in Melbourne tomorrow and will cover milk pricing and attracting younger farmers to the sector.  
A protest group, Farmer Power, has been rallying for higher farm gate milk prices from major supermarket chains.  
UDV president Kerry Callow says processing more milk does not necessarily mean more money for farmers.  
"Chasing production just for production's sake does not necessarily mean to say it's profitable," she said.  
"Farmers need to be aware of the things that affect their costs of production.  
"So it's good focus on taking a look at what we are doing on farms and whether or not [it's] reducing our profitability."  
She says milk pricing is a complex topic that concerns many Victorian dairy producers.  
"It's a timely conversation as our largest cooperative has just done a review of their payment systems, as in Murray Goulburn, three years ago [they] introduced some varying payments options for farmers to choose and they've just done a three-year review of that so they will be presenting to the conference," she said.  
Source: ABC Rural


Dairy farmers hope for more rain

Dairy farmers from the Macalister Irrigation District have welcomed last week's heavy rain.  
After a dry season, the Macalister's irrigators bought 600 megalitres of water at the Southern Rural water auction last week.  
Denison dairy farmer Graeme Anderson says many farmers have struggled with the dry summer.  
He says last week's rain is hopefully a sign that autumn will be wet.  
"Hopefully with the weather conditions being reasonably favourable, that'll delay that for another 10 days after that," he said.  
"So yes, that'll help, long-term, more rain is needed or more water, whichever way, from above is ... much better but we've just got to keep going and hope that follows up with a good autumn."  
He says rainwater makes grass grow better than irrigated water.  
"We sometimes artificially apply nitrogen fertilisers, to boost growth, and when you get a rainfall it has all of that good in it," he said.  
"I'm not a scientist but it seems to work very, very well, particularly if there is a bit of thunderstorm activity around."  
Source: ABC Rural


Dairy industry urges more support

The Dairyfarmers Association has asked the South Australian Government for immediate financial support.  
Representatives have met Agriculture Minister Gail Gago to discuss how to improve the outlook for many dairy farmers faced with low milk prices and rising costs.  
Association president David Basham said Ms Gago was supportive of proposals on ways to improve farm incomes.  
"The Minister really wants to help the industry, she understands this is a short-term cash flow issue in our industry that could put at risk the industry and we need to make sure we get the farmers through the other side of this issue and then make sure the industry is robust going forward," he said.  
Source: ABC Rural


School milk scheme mooted to lift dairy industry

ore than 200 farmers and business representatives attended a meeting in Mount Gambier yesterday to discuss various issues.  
The president of the South Australian Dairyfarmers Association, David Basham, says the state had a school milk program more than 30 years ago.  
"Introducing milk to kids in schools at an early age and try and get them hooked rather than drinking soft drinks etc," he said.  
"If we can get them to drink milk or flavoured milk that'd be fantastic for our industry.  
"Something similar to what New Zealand has recently done there but the logistics in Australia are just a bit more complicated - we have a much hotter temperature that we have to manage the cold chain of the milk to make sure that it's just right."  
Meanwhile, collective bargaining groups have been discussed as a possible solution for the ailing dairy industry.  
Mr Basham says low milk prices and high input costs are putting increasing pressure on farmers.  
He says collective bargaining groups could help ease some of the pain.  
"Farmers can go and lobby about prices directly to their processors," he said.  
"Now if you can get a large enough group of milk [suppliers] together the processors are going to want to listen and you might now necessarily be able to move the price at any one time but you might be able to talk about the terms of supply, the terms of payment and all those sorts of things that could be beneficial to the farm businesses."  
Source: ABC Rural


Former Murray Goulburn chair attacks new dairy lobby group

Former chairman of milk processor Murray Goulburn has lashed out at the new Victorian dairy lobby group, Farmer Power.  
Farmer Power formed earlier this year, after more than 600 dairy farmers held a 'crisis meeting' in the state's south-west.  
The group is lobbying the Federal Government and milk processors to improve milk prices.  
Grant Davies, from Fish Point, in north-west Victoria, says Farmer Power is discrediting the state's existing lobby group, United Dairy Farmers of Victoria.  
"UDV has got the contacts. They're recognised," he said.  
"The government don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry knocking on their door.  
"They just want to speak to two or three people that represent the whole of the industry.  
"Now I know Farmer Power or organisations will say that UDV haven't been representing them, but get behind UDV so that they will represent you."  
Source: ABC Rural


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Murray Goulburn lifts milk prices again

Global probiotic dairy market will be worth US$24 billion by 2014, says market researcher

US dairy recovering faster than expected

Sales on Fonterra's trading platform top $1 billion

Tassie farmers sign contracts with National Foods

Supply and demand once again the dairy driver

Fonterra sees minor correction in dairy prices

United states dairy farmers get additional $300 million in subsidies

Fonterra: Third milk price increase in 2009-2010

Dairy demand on the rise: Fonterra

US dairy forecast removes need for export subsidies

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Warrnambool Cheese and Butter gets takeover approach

Fonterra reports continued momentum in dairy market

Fonterra chair says dairy price future uncertain

Murray Goulburn content with profit drop

End of European dairy export subsidies welcomed by Australian government

Europe ends its dairy export subsidies

US dairy prices on the rise

Fonterra increases payout as confidence in dairy market grows

Dairy Australia announces new MD

Milk prices on the move: Fonterra

Dairy prices shooting back up

Barry Irvin honoured with business award

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Murray-Goulburn lifts farmgate milk prices

Reforms to boost dairy sector: Burke

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Tasmanian dairy farmers rally outside Senate enquiry

Another Dairy Cull in the US

Big boost for irrigators in Victoria and SA

Dairy prices begin to recover

Bega Cheese boss to face antagonistic dairy leaders

Pork goes pink to show local production

US tries to block import of Australian milk solids

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Senate to probe low farm gate milk prices

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Global Market Overview

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Wes Judd Replaces Alan Burgess as Head of ADF

Kraft Q2 Profit Up, Raises Full-Yr View

US Delivers Relief for Struggling Dairy Producers

US Increases Dairy Subsidies

Burra expanding in gloom ... ready for boom

Supermarkets pass on lower milk prices

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Government Seeks Better Ways of Buying Water

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