Performance Probiotics is the highest concentrated, most protected and trusted Probiotic on the market today.

Probiotics are the future – they are the natural and safe way to improve animal health and productivity without the need for antibiotics and ionophores. Performance Probiotics have been used successfully in US dairy rations from 1984 and in Australia since 1999. Product Features:

All Natural

Proprietary Blend of Bacteria, Enzymes and Live Yeast Culture

5 Strains of Bacteria (Bugs)

3 Fibre Digestive Enzymes

Live Yeast Culture

Host Specific (From a Cow - For a Cow)


Free Nutritional Service

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Animal and Dairy Probiotics

Science and Data Behind Probiotics

There is no doubt that Probiotics (DFM’s) are the future of the global feed industry.
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Research Articles About the Science Behind Probiotics

Check out our article library with the latest research and science relating to DFM, Bacteria, Fertility, Yeast and Feed Enzymes.


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What do the 5 strains do